Where does Databook source data to generate insights and metrics from?

All our historical company fundamental data (e.g. revenue, EBITDA) ultimately comes from official company documents, such as SEC filings (e.g. 10-K forms), annual reports and audited company accounts. 

Some of this data we obtain from a leading data provider, S&P Capital IQ. We also source additional data points ourselves, directly from verified company documents.

How does Databook quality assure data?

We look for outliers in the data and sense check that company datasets are internally consistent.

What adjustments do you make to company data?

To ensure that financial data is comparable between companies and over time periods, certain adjustments have been made.

We normalize Capital IQ revenue and profitability forecasts (which are derived from analyst forecasts) so that they are comparable with historical as-reported data for these metrics. 

Capital IQ has also made adjustments to the EBITDA data it provides to Databook. Further details of these adjustments can be found in this article

How often is Databook data updated?

We aim to update company data within 24hours of an earnings announcement. We also update insights and metrics for a company whenever a competitor releases new results.

Where can I get more details about individual metrics?

You can find out more information about why each metric is important and how we calculated it in the metrics tab.

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