Very occasionally Databook's authentication processes may not work with certain browser configurations, preventing you from logging into Databook.

If you receive the error message 'Unable to configure verification page', please read this help article.

First, check that you are using a browser that Databook supports

Databook is optimized for Chrome or Firefox. We recommend using one of these browsers when using Databook.

Next check how you should be logging into Databook

If your organization uses Single-Sign-On (SSO), then you may need to log into Databook from your SSO dashboard rather than via the Databook log-in page. 

Please contact the Databook team or your organization's Databook admin to check.

Then try this next...

If you should be logging in via the Databook log-in page, we suggest carrying out a hard refresh of the log-in page as a first step.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Databook log-in page.

  2. Hard refresh the page (Chrome, Mozilla or Internet Explorer for Windows Ctrl+F5; Chrome or Mozilla for Mac cmd+Shift+R)

If that doesn't work, try these steps...

  • Make sure that third-party cookies are enabled, as these are needed for the authentication process

Information on Chrome cookies:
Information on Firefox cookies:

  • Clear browser cache and cookies

Instructions for Chrome:
Instructions for Firefox:

  • Make sure your browser is up to date

Information about updating Chrome:
Information about updating Firefox:

  • Disable browser extensions

Information on Chrome extensions:
Information on Firefox extensions here. 

If these steps don't work...

Taking the actions above should resolve the issue, but if they haven't solved the problem, please get in touch with us via the chat widget in the bottom righthand corner of the screen.

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