What is a Topic?
Each Topic is built from a collection of related keywords, which Databook uses to build an advanced search filter. 

An example Topic could be Marketing, which could be  built from keywords such as Advertising, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Customer Journey. 

Databook then searches for the chosen Topic and its related keywords across a company's regulatory filings, investor presentations, news, events and social media. 

Databook returns a relevance score for the Topic for each of the companies you've chosen so you can see which companies are most interested in a particular Topic.

How can I use Topics?
Topics can be accessed here. We recommend using Topics for your Salesforce accounts and opportunities. If you have integrated your Salesforce account, you will have the option to view the relevance score for all your accounts and opportunities for a particular Topic. 

To see Topics for your Salesforce accounts, navigate to Opportunities and then choose Topics.

Alternatively, you can see the relevance of a Topic to companies in an Industry or on a List you've created.

Here's an example of using Topics to identify whether competitors are active in your accounts.

What Topics can be pre-loaded for my organization?
Databook can add pre-set Topics for users at your organization - for example, a Topic relating to each of your solutions or a Topic relating to specific technologies relating to your solutions.

What sort of custom Topics can I create?
The Topics feature includes several pre-loaded Topics relevant to your organization.

You can also build your own custom Topics by clicking the New Topic button on the Topics page.

Topics to consider could be:

  • Competitors (add your competitors as keywords: e.g. AWS, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Technologies (add specific technologies as keywords, e.g. Kubernetes, Hadoop)
  • Solutions (add keywords that you would use to identify prospects interested in a particular solution, e.g. IoT, Digital Transformation)
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