Connecting your Salesforce account to Databook unlocks some powerful features.

First, it allows you to customize your news feed and notifications to focus on the companies you are selling to.

Secondly, it allows you to filter your accounts to help you prioritize the companies you should be focusing on.

To connect your Salesforce:

  1. Go to Integrations Settings
  2. Select Connect Salesforce Account
  3. Authorise the connection by signing into Salesforce when prompted

Databook will then automatically match companies in your Salesforce with companies on Databook. Currently Databook focuses on publicly listed companies so will not match privately owned companies in your Salesforce.

You can review these matches by navigating to Opportunities and choosing the Accounts tab.

You can fix any missing matches by using the search boxes next to unmatched companies to look for companies on Databook.

Once you have reviewed your Accounts, you can look at the Opportunities tab for an overview, organized by stage of the sales cycle, of your opportunities.

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