There's never enough time in the day to deal with all your accounts so high-performing account executives need to be smart about prioritizing where to focus.

Databook's Company Search tool gives you powerful filters to help you identify which companies fit your profile for high-priority accounts.

Before prioritizing your companies, we recommend you sync your Salesforce account with Databook. This article explains how.

Here's our recommended workflow for prioritizing your accounts each quarter:

  1. Open Company Search on Databook
  2. Check the 'Search Within My Accounts' box. This will restrict the search to companies synced from Salesforce or that you have followed on Databook
  3. Choose the Company Filters that you are interested in. For example, you may only be interested in companies with more than 10,000 employees. Or companies in the Automotive and Manufacturing industries. 
  4. Choose the Financial Filters that are relevant. Many of these are unique to Databook and help you quickly assess which of your accounts may have a financial case for change to buy your solution.
  5. Once you have filtered down to a list of priority accounts, you can add these to a list. Choose 'Add to List' and select 'New List...' from the drop down.
  6. You can then name the list (e.g. Q2 priority accounts) and add additional companies to it.

This list will be available for you to refer to in the Lists panel on the Databook home page.

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