Databook's Company Search tool allows you to filter companies by key facts, financial metrics and strategic priorities.

Databook finds and tags strategic priorities for all the companies you've chosen as Key Accounts. You can use these tags to filter companies and priortize accounts with the the greatest strategic alignment with your solutions.

To do this:

  1. Open Company Search on Databook
  2. Check the 'Search Within My Accounts' box. This will restrict the search to companies synced from Salesforce or that you have followed on Databook
  3. Choose the Strategic Priorities filter in Company Filters that you are interested in. Search for tags that are relevant to your products and services, e.g. machine learning, customer experience.

You can then add the companies you've shortlisted to a list, or add further filters. 

You can find more information about using Company Search to prioritize accounts here.

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