Understanding your account's financial case for change is an important part of framing your sales narrative so as to maximize your chances of successfully closing a deal.

Databook analyzes a company's financial strengths and weaknesses to provide insights into its financial case for change (i.e. the areas where the company's management is likely to focus on making improvements).

To see a company's financial case for change on Databook:

  1. Search for a company
  2. Select Highlights from the menu on the left
  3. On the Highlights page, look at the strengths and weaknesses table to see areas where the company may need to improve performance
  4. Scroll down to the Case for Change section of the page.

The Case for Change page provides supporting information about the company's financial case for change, including:

  • Likelihood of meeting revenue growth forecasts
  • Likelihood of meeting profitability forecasts
  • Gross margin performance versus competitors
  • SG&A as a percentage of revenue versus competitors
  • Financial impact that a 1% increase in revenues could have
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