Databook displays financial strengths and weaknesses for a company at the top of the Highlights page.

Generally Databook assesses strengths and weaknesses for the following financial metrics: 

  • Total shareholder return
  • Revenue growth
  • Profitability (usually EBITDA margin)
  • SG&A Expenses as a percentage of revenue
  • Gross margin
  • Revenue per employee

For some industries, especially for financial services sectors, we use different metrics that are more relevant.

Databook's strengths and weaknesses algorithm scores the company's performance for each metric as follows:

  • Historical absolute performance over past three years
  • Historical performance versus peers over past three years
  • Forecast performance versus peers over next three years (where forecast data is available)

More recent historical years get more weighting in our scoring system. Forecast performance is weighted less than historical performance.

Scores are indexed to account for variations in the amount of data available for different companies in the peer group.

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