Public companies
Our focus at Databook is on publicly listed companies as they report the financial and operational data we need to generate insights and metrics. 

At the time of writing, we have around 6,000 publicly listed companies from around the world available to view on Databook. 

Private and state-owned companies
In general, we do not include private and state-owned companies on Databook, because we usually can't obtain the depth of data we need to generate insights and metrics.

If the data we need is available, we can add private and state-owned companies.

Non-profit foundataions
We do not add non-profit organizations to Databook. One of the reasons for this is that the insights we generate on Databook are designed to work with for-profit companies and could be misleading when applied to non-profit foundations.

This article explains how you can request for a company to be added to Databook.

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