Knowing whether your accounts are talking about areas where you offer solutions can be a strong buying signal. For example, companies may mention in investor documents that they are making strategic investments in certain technologies or capabilities that are relevant to your solution.

It's often possible to find clues to this by searching company reports and press releases. 

This research can be very time-consuming, so we built the Topics feature to help.

To search for competitor activity in your accounts:

  1. Connect your Salesforce to Databook - this article explains how
  2. If necessary, create a Topic that relates to your solution area (see this article for guidance)
  3. Click on Opportunities
  4. Click the Topics tab
  5. Select the competitors Topic you've created
  6. Click on View next to any company to explore the results in Explorer 

This example shows a user looking for companies who may be interested in a Digital Marketing solution. In the video you can see which companies are referencing keywords relating to Digital Marketing most often, and then click through to explore the results.

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