When to use Topics

Topics will search simultaneously for a set of keywords that make up the Topic. It can search across multiple companies at once (for example your Salesforce accounts or companies on a List you've created).

Here are a couple of use cases that we recommend using Topics for:

When to use Explorer

Explorer is a specialized search tool that can search for specific keywords at a single company, multiple companies or across an industry.

An example use case would be viewing in-depth news for a company over the past year. 

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Explorer
  2. Add the company's name as a search term (Step 1 in screenshot below)
  3. Search for and select the company in the Companies field (Step 2)
  4. Select 'Past Year' in the Timeframe field (Step 2)
  5. Choose the News tab to view news articles (Step 3)
  6. Choose to sort results by Date or Relevance (Step 4)

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