When you sign up to Databook, you'll be guided through three steps to set up your account. 

Account Info
We collect some basic details about you (name, company you work for and your job title), to allow us to configure insights and recommendations based on the organization you work for and your role.

We recommend connecting your Salesforce and Google Calendar accounts to Databook. 

Both connections are made securely via the official Salesforce and Google APIs. You will be directed to sign in at Salesforce or Google to authorize the connections.

Databook will match the companies stored in your Salesforce account (as accounts or opportunities) and in your Google Calendar (e.g. in calendar events) with companies on Databook.

This allows us to provide the following services to users:

  • Salesforce connection. This allows us to see your accounts and opportunities and customize your news feed and notifications, to provide triggers and insights relevant to those companies. 
  • Google Calendar connection. This integration allows us to send you briefings and information ahead of calls or meetings with companies that are in Databook.

If you choose not to make these connections during account set up, you can do this at a later stage from Integration Settings.

The final step in the set up process is to follow companies that are relevant to you. 

We will tailor your news feed and notifications based on the companies you follow.

Databook will automatically recommend companies based on data from your Salesforce and Google Calendar connections and on companies that your organization has previously told us are relevant.

You can:

  • Follow all the recommended companies (default option)
  • Deselect all the recommended companies
  • Choose the companies that are most relevant to you and search for additional companies you would like to track.

By default we subscribe you to email notifications related to the companies you follow (e.g. daily and weekly news digest emails). 

You can review and adjust the notifications you receive by visiting Notification Settings.

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